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Operational Excellence


Maintaining high standards in the properties we procure, neighborhoods we work in and the way we treat our valued clients is our utmost priority.  

  • Our securities offerings are made exclusively with a third party and SEC registered company.

  • Our investment opportunities are always in high equity areas and with value-add potential.

  • Our company strategy is focused on condo-conversions and buy-fix-rent opportunities in high growth areas in the City of Boston.  




We have a combined 17 years of local real estate experience, a vast network of independent contractors and vendors and relationships with Boston's movers and shakers.

  • We developed a proprietary underwriting engine to efficiently vet and qualify investment opportunities.

  • Our project management structure is systemized to ensure that every project is executed efficiently.

  • Our team has transacted over $20M in local Boston real estate deals over the course of their careers.  




We provide our investors with quarterly updates about the projects where their cash is invested. We always love talking to our investors and answering questions as they arise. 

  • For our local investors we allow site visits to properties in which they've invested.

  • Our quarterly updates always include information about the status of projects, reasons for potential delays, updated timeline and budgets as well as market forecasts.

  • Our team is always available to answer any questions or address any concerns. 

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