Meet our lean, mean management team

Managing Partners

Doug Medvetz

Managing Partner

Doug has been working in real estate for the past 5 years. Doug has an expansive knowledge of local real estate markets and a keen ability to identify underlying value in real estate assets. Day to day, Doug is responsible for identifying, analyzing and negotiating acquisition and development opportunities. Additionally, Doug is tasked with working with the company's many debt partners in placing debt within the various project's capital structures. With a PhD in Chemistry and training in Cancer Biology at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School, Doug has a unique analytical ability to analyze deals and execute projects efficiently and profitably. Doug also has a B.A. and a PhD and currently resides in Boston.

Khadijah Hindi


Managing Partner

Khadijah has been working in real estate for the past 5 years. Khadijah's primary responsibility with the company is in the planning and ongoing oversight and management of construction processes. She also oversees marketing efforts and leads ongoing materials procurement negotiations that enable the firm to stay competitive with its pricing.  Her acute attention to detail allows her to plan the architectural and interior design of every project to bring together luxurious living spaces for affordable prices. Khadijah holds a PhD in Chemistry and Masters Degree in Business Administration and resides in Boston.

Peter W. Bartash


Managing Partner

Peter has been working in the private real estate industry for over 7 years. He oversees corporate operations and investor relations to ensure the strategic objectives of the company are fully aligned with the diverse needs of its investors. Prior to founding REvolve Partners, Peter served as an Associate Principal at a mid-sized Northeastern architectural firm specializing in design and planning for privatized real estate development, where he earned a reputation for having boundless energy, thoughtful creativity, a solid focus on the bigger picture, and an ability to execute. He holds M.Arch and B.Arch degrees and currently resides in Boston.