REvolve Partners is bringing together local industry leaders to help reshape the real estate landscape in the City of Boston. We acquire distressed properties with value-add potential, update them, and get them back to market as rentals or retail condominiums in less than 12 months. Our investor partners benefit when we make money on each house we purchase. Our buy and hold properties produce monthly cash flow and equity over time, while condo conversion projects create large profits after each project is complete.

How it works








For as little as $500 you can become a real estate investor. Our experts vet each deal and we only invest in distressed properties with value-add potential in high equity neighborhoods. 

You do not have to deal with the hassles of direct ownership. With our experience, relationships with local officials and our team of trusted contractors we take care of the work while you sit back and watch your investment grow.

After each deal is complete cash distributions generated from cash flows and/or profit sharing can be allocated to investors on a pro rata basis (depending on where your money was invested).


What you get...

REvolve Partners offers an evolved way of investing. 

  • 5% annualized interest plus 10% profit sharing (10% distributed among all investors). 
  • Your hard earned cash is committed to pre-vetted investment opportunities with full transparency.
  • A quarterly report that updates you on how your investment is doing in the current market landscape.
  • A promissory note with every investment to ease your worries and protects your investment.
  • Invest in residential real estate properties that were previously hard to find and challenging to access due to high acquisition prices.
  • A diversified real estate portfolio of properties in strong and growing markets.
  • No hassles associated with direct ownership. You invest and we handle the paperwork.